Sunday, January 21, 2018

A Lot Going On

This week, Cami had her first two school team basketball games. She was super excited, and loved that she has a warm-up shirt with her name on it. Her team won both their games, playing 6th grade "B" teams, much like Griffin's team has done. Cami had 2 of the teams 10 points in the first game, and 4 of the 11 in the second game. She does a good job handling the ball, rebounding, and getting steals. She plays tough defense and smiles throughout the games. More basketball games next week.

Cami also had her first club volleyball tournament of the year. Her team finished 2nd in the pool (they only lost one match, and it went to the third game - 16-14), and won a match to finish 3rd overall in their division. It was an exciting day. Cami served overhand and open palm, which was something she was nervous about. She did a fine job, even getting one ace. She also hit the ball well multiple times, sometimes saving her team on their last hit. She had fun and gets to do it again next week.

Lexi's team had a game canceled due to weather, but were able to play their second game. She played in both 7th and 8th grade games again. The 7th grade lost, and the 8th grade won. She continues to improve each week. She played good defense, and had an excellent block out for a rebound and put back shot that just rolled out. She had several other rebounds, as well. She is still working on her confidence on the offensive end, making good passes and being confident with the ball. She has more games next week.

Griffin also had a school team game canceled, but was able to play a second game. He did not play a bunch, but did hustle and play good defense when he was in. The team won in overtime (an opposing player hit a shot from behind half court to send it in to overtime). He also had a tournament in the travel league. Unfortunately, the team lost a heartbreaker in the first round. They fought hard to tie it up with 30 seconds left, but gave up a free throw, and then had to foul. Griffin did a great job. He took a few shots, making one on a nice fast break layup. He grabbed a few rebounds, too, and made some good passes. However, he best play came on defense, where he created havoc on the top of the press, and he created several turnovers. He also picked his man's pocket in the half court, but had the ball knocked out of bounds when he tried to shoot. One more week of travel, with some consolation games.

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