Sunday, January 28, 2018

This Week's Activities

Cami had two basketball games this week. Her team won the first game by a few points. Cami made two free throws, and contributed her usual defense and ball handling. Cami's second basketball game was postponed due to inclement weather. However, she also had a volleyball tournament, where the team came in 3rd again. She continues to improve, trying to build consistency with her hitting and serving. I think she has a couple of basketball games this week, but we have a week off from volleyball.

Griffin had two school league games. The team won the first game, and Griffin started. He played really good defense, stealing the ball and causing several turnovers. He also grabbed a rebound or two, and forced a few jump balls. He was more aggressive with his shooting, taking 4 or 5 shots, and making one (his first in the school league games). In the second game, the team also won. Griffin again started, and played like a maniac at the top of the press. His defense is pretty good, and he had a couple of steals. My favorite play was when he knocked it out of his man's hands, dribbled down the left side on a fastbreak, and put up a layup. Unfortunately, it didn't go in, but it was a nice play to get there. Next week sees a couple more games. Griffin's team lost their last two travel league games in close contests. He started both games, and played good defense. He did a nice job passing the ball on offense, and made his only shot. He excelled on the top of the press again, causing havoc and forcing turnovers. He also created several jump balls, fighting with bigger guys but refusing to let go (he reminds me of a bulldog).

Lexi's teams played two games, too. In the first match-up, the 7th grade won in a blowout and the 8th grade lost in a close game. Lexi played a ton in the 7th grade, scoring once and getting several other shots. My favorite part of her performance were the two steals she had that she turned into (attempted) left hand layups. She really focused on shooting with her left hand, and the second time she just barely missed. She didn't play as much in the 8th grade game, but held her own while she was in. In the second set of games, Lexi played mostly in the 7th grade game, and a bit in the 8th grade game. The 7th grade won; the 8th grade lost. She didn't score, but did play good defense, and even had a steal. She gets more confident with every game, and it's fun to see her improve.

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