Wednesday, January 24, 2018

THE WILD STORM #11 by Warren Ellis - Book Review

From the publisher: The Wild CAT must reinfiltrate the Hightower site in order to prevent their own exposure—and also the roll out of a new global surveillance tool that will cement I.O.’s dominance over the planet. But if you’re a bunch of aliens and an ex-spook who faked his own death, you can probably be forgiven for thinking about your own weird skin first.  Jackie King and the I.O. analysis team could take a leaf out of their book, because they’re about to undertake a cyber-attack on Skywatch, the managers of outer space, that could easily get them killed...

So, another month, another crazy episode of Warren Ellis's The Wild Storm, in this case, issue #11. Once again, the issue reads like a small piece of a much larger puzzle. The folks at IO think they can infiltrated Skywatch. Skywatch wants a war with IO. Jenny Sparks and the Doctor want to find other humans like them, ones that "fell between the cracks" (sounds like Stormwatch/The Authority to me - fingers crossed). Cash and Voodoo chat. Angie Spica makes improvements to her weird machine-body. All of which connects previous issues to this one, without revealing anything in the nature of the big picture Ellis is building too.

However, I'm still reading and enjoying, taking in this series issue by issue, and flying through each time. These are good books, and any fans of Ellis would do well to pick them up, read them, and trust that he knows what he is doing and in where he is taking us as readers. It appears we are nearing the halfway point (at least as it stands on the cover of the book), so at some point these threads will begin to converge and then who knows what will happen. As for me, I'm already looking for to the next issue.

Highly recommended, but don't start with this one.

I received a preview copy of this book from DC Comics in exchange for an honest review.

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