Wednesday, January 24, 2018

NIGHTWING: NEW ORDER #6 by Kyle Higgins - Book Review

From the publisher: It all ends here! As Lex Luthor feverishly attempts to repower Superman, the Crusaders are closing in on the Resistance, aiming to shut them down for good! Meanwhile, Nightwing makes a deal with the devil in an attempt to save his son’s life…and it may cost him everything. 

Kyle Higgins wraps up the Nightwing: New Order series with issue #6. He does a nice job with it. Dick Grayson and his son Jake's story is wrapped up, as it the conflict between the Crusaders and the rebellious former heroes and villains, led by Superman and Lex Luthor.

Higgins has focused on Dick Grayson's choice to remove powers from the world after a tragedy many years ago, and how Dick deals with the realization that his son now has powers. This tug-of-war is the backbone of the New Order story, and the conflict between two choices that both appear to be about doing what's right. Issue #6 brings this conflict full circle, with Dick having to make one final choice in the midst of a major Crusader/Rebels battle. And while the outcome isn't totally unexpected, the post-script to the story provides a nice ending.

I rather enjoyed Nightwing: The New Order by Kyle Higgins. It was a fun and interesting read, and was a cool alternative take on Nightwing, one of my favorite characters and someone who has been the moral compass of the Bat-family (and for other heroes as well) since his introduction. I liked seeing Dick Grayson put in some moral conflict. I also liked Higgins's take on many other heroes and villains.

I would recommend this series to fans of Nightwing and the Elseworlds series of graphic novels.

I received a preview copy of this book from DC Comics in exchange for an honest review.

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