Sunday, January 14, 2018

Basketball Update

All the kids were scheduled to have games this week, and two of the three did. Unfortunately, Cami's game was canceled because the team they were to play kicked some girls off the team and no longer had enough to play. However, she has a game or two next week. Cami also has volleyball practice, and her first tournament next weekend.

Griffin had one school game, and what we are discovering is that his team is playing 6th grade "B" teams a lot. That just makes winning, which they did, sweeter. Griffin did a terrific job, playing awesome defense, getting a steal or two, grabbing some rebounds, and creating several jump balls. He also had a nice drive to the basket and got fouled, but one ref (who did a poor job throughout the game) called him on the floor rather than in the act of shooting. His team lost both of their travel league games. Griffin had several shots and took two free throws, but nothing fell for him. He played good "D", getting several rebounds, a steal or two, creating jump balls, and forcing some turnovers. He has two school league games and a travel league tournament next week.

Lexi had one game (she played with both 7th and 8th grade teams, which is how the rest of the season will go). Both teams won in huge blowouts. Lexi did a nice job, scoring 6 points altogether, including stealing the ball and driving the length of the court for a jump shot. She had 3-4 rebounds, made a really nice assist, and played with confidence. She also was able to cheer at a game, but missed another because she was playing. She has 2 more games next week.

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