Sunday, May 25, 2014

More Ball Games

This past week, Griffin had one game and Cami had two.  All were losses, unfortunately.  Griffin didn't get any hits, although he did hit a couple pitches foul.  Cami had two hits, a run, and a nice defensive play (tagged the runner going to 2nd base) in the first game.  She had another hit and a run in the second game, and just missed a couple more hits as she was thrown out at 1st on close plays.  Two baseball games and one softball game this week, and then the kids are done for the season.

Additionally, Trisha and I accompanied the twins on their field trip to the zoo.  It was a good time: beautiful weather and some active animals.  It was also funny watching Griffin and his two friends with the zoo maps trying to direct us to the next exhibit.

The twins at the zoo

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