Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Season(s) Come to an End

Today, the twins (un)officially ended their respective seasons, as we won't be able to attend the last games.  Unfortunately for Cami, her game was canceled because the other team didn't have enough players. She did have a hit in her last game, though.  Griffin, on the other hand, had two games and created a lot of excitement with the one hit he got in each game.  In his first game, Griffin was standing on 1st base when the next batter hit it to deep 2nd.  Griffin over ran 2nd base by about 5 feet, then realized he was going to be tagged out and began running to 3rd, where one of his teammates was already on base.  The quick thinking 3rd base coach sent that runner, allowing Griffin to get to 3rd safely.  Then, the fielder overthrew 3rd base, so Griffin rounded 3rd, went outside the base path by a wide margin and slid into home.  Except, his slide was about 2 feet short, so he popped up and tagged home plate.  It was pretty amusing.  Today, he made it to 1st okay, but the ball squirted past the 1st baseman and he was sent to 2nd.  His teammate (who was on 2nd, heading to 3rd), turned around and headed back to 2nd, and was subsequently tagged out.  The next batter hit it, and Griffin ran to 3rd, then was waved on to home, where he slid a little better this time.  As a bonus, he pretty much covered his right side in dirt.

I was really happy with how Cami and Griffin grew in their respective sports. I could see the confidence growing with each play, and am extremely proud of them.

Enjoy the picture of Griffin, sporting the dirt from around home plate.

Safe at home!

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