Sunday, December 28, 2014

Basketball Games, Christmas, and a Birthday

Its been a busy few weeks.  Lexi finished her season with a win and a loss (in the tournament).  She scored her first basket on a nice drive to the hoop off a screen.  She also was able to grab several rebounds and play good defense.  All in all, she had a good year, getting better each and every week.

Cami played three more games (losing all three).  She took a couple of shots (they didn't fall), brought the ball up the floor, played Cami-style defense, and had a good time.  Games resume in two weeks.

Griffin played two more games and the team is still undefeated (one game was 24-2).  He scored once, took some shots, and hustled all over the place.  He is a beast on defense, very aggressive.

We had a good Christmas, going to church Christmas Eve, and hanging with Nana and Poppy all day on Christmas.  Lots of gifts were given and received.  We also did the traditional after-Christmas shopping, and all found some good deals.  It's interesting watching the kids debate over what to spend their money on.  Many agonizing decisions.

Finally, we celebrated Trisha's birthday by hanging out, shopping, and eating at the Mellow Mushroom.  With the end of the year in sight, 2014 appears to have been a good one for the Knights, while 2015 looms with lots of exciting events ahead.

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