Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The One Year Devotions for Active Boys by Jesse Florea and Karen Whiting - Book Review

From the publisher: This fun devotional includes 365 upbeat devotions, each with a special twist or dose of humor to keep active boys engaged. The devotions combine Scripture and a spiritual message with jokes, riddles, puzzles, and hands-on activities to engage tween boys. The devotions help boys find how real people interacted with God and help them discover solutions to contemporary issues. Each devotion will help guide a young man in developing a lifetime habit of learning from the Bible. Themes include how to navigate the Bible, make good choices, discern God’s will, use good and uplifiting language, avoid temptation, choose good friends, trust God, etc.

The One Year Devotions for Active Boys is another in the One Year series, several of which I have already read and used.  It is directed at boys from late elementary school age to early high school.  While it can be read by older boys, the language and style really suits someone younger than their late teens.

Each devotion is a page long, and contains several parts.  There is the anecdote/story part, focusing on a particular attitude or lesson from the Bible.  There is a "fun" part that engages the mind in a different way; there are several different approaches in this part, including Plexer (word puzzle), Weird Facts, Puzzle It Out, Wacky Laughs, Lift-off List, Quiz, etc.  These are designed to hit the topic in an engaging way.  The final part of each devotion has a prayer suggestion and a passage of scripture that highlights the topic.

I highly recommend this for active (or inactive) boys.  The devotions are written in an easy to understand way, and are short enough that they shouldn't be intimidating by length or time.  It is a great devotional book to encourage a daily time with God.

I received a review copy of this book from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

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