Monday, May 25, 2015

Baseball/Softball Career Bests

Cami had two games this past week. For some reason, she really struggled to hit in the first game. In addition, her team lost. However, the second game was a completely different story. She got a hit each time she was up, going 3 for 3. She also scored 3 runs. Late in the game, she had two balls hit to her at 3rd base and made nice plays, with good throws, on each of them.

Griffin had one game. While it was a walk-fest (lots of bases loaded walks, the "most exciting play in baseball" according to the sarcastic SportsCenter guys), Griffin did well. He did walk twice, and was hit on the head his other time up. He also scored 3 runs. Additionally, while he had no balls hit to him, he did cough so hard he puked while playing shortstop (he had been sick during the week).  His team won (possibly their first victory) and Griffin was awarded a game ball.

All in all, it was a very successful week for the twins. Each has a game this coming week, and to top it off, its the last week of school!

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