Sunday, May 10, 2015

Weekend Update

Griffin had a baseball game Friday night, and he was the starting pitcher. It was his first time and he pitched to four batters. He hit the first kid right between the shoulder blades, then walked the next three. However, he nearly struck out one of the batters. It was a good learning experience. He had his best hitting game to this point, as well. He grounded out to the pitcher his first at bat, but made good contact. He walked the second time, and was safe at first his third time up when the first baseman dropped the throw. He also fielded a ball in left field. Although his team lost, he was smiling ear to ear after the game.

Cami had to miss her game due to illness, but we were told they won.

Lexi had a choir concert on Monday. She sang beautifully. She then had 6th grade orientation on Thursday night. It was quite amusing watching her try to open a locker. I can't believe she'll be in middle school next school year.

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