Sunday, September 30, 2018

A Pretty Good Week of Sports

Lexi was able to cheer a bit at her J.V. game, which was an improvement. Her legs continue to heal, and we're hopeful she'll be fully cleared soon.

Cami had a volleyball match, and her team split the games 1-1. She got all but one of her serves in and had some other good hits. Next week, her volleyball season finishes up. She also had two travel basketball games, and this week she won both. The first game was a close one, with Cami scoring 4 points, grabbing some rebounds and playing pretty good defense. She also took two free throws, but missed them both. The second game was a more decisive win, and again Cami had 4 points. This time, though, she had multiple assists and a steal or two. I also think she blocked a shot. It was a good day for her on the court. The next set of games is in two weeks.

Griffin had two football games this weekend. The first game was the last regular season game. The team picked up its first win, which was cool. However, Griffin was a madman on defense (I would've named him defensive player of the game). He forced a fumble to stop a drive inside the 10, he intercepted a pass and returned it about 10 yards, he knocked down a pass in the endzone, and twice he held his ground at corner and made a tackle to stop a reverse from going big (including one awesome solo tackle for a loss). He also tackled the QB for a loss/sack. On offense, he blocked well, including one crack-type block where he would've planted the kid if Griffin weighed more. The second game was the first round of the playoffs and was against the other team from our school. We ended up losing 2-0 on a safety with under two minutes left. It was disappointing, but the team, and great, showed a lot of improvement over the season. Griffin finished up with 3 tackles, including one on a sweep that saved a touchdown as part of a goalline stand. He also did a fine job on offense. I'm really proud of him, particularly his heart and effort. I'm thankful I had the opportunity to coach him. Next up for Griffin is basketball tryouts in about a month.

The high school lost a tough one and will look to bounce back this week.

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