Sunday, September 16, 2018

This Sports Update Was Late; Sorry

So over the past two weeks, we've had a bunch of events.

Lexi continues to heal from her stress fractures, and she was able to cheer for a bit in a game last week. She keeps pressing on and hanging in their.

Cami had three volleyball games, but didn't win any. However, she is still improving on both serving with an overhead, open hand and getting good hits and bumps when the ball is put in play. She also had two basketball games in travel league. The team lost both games, but they were winnable. Cami scored a total of 9 points and had multiple steals and rebounds. She went coast to coast on one of the steals, but the ball rolled out on the shot. She also plays aggressive defense. She is growing into an all-around good player. This travel league is every other week, so she will have next week off.

Griffin had two football games this week due to a weather make-up. His team lost both, but he played pretty well. In the first game, he had multiple solo tackles out at corner, stopping the jet sweep and several other plays to his side. In the second game, he had a nice tackle on a screen pass, defending a deep post and had a pick off a tipped ball in the end zone. He really had to concentrate to make the catch and was able to run it out of the end zone a little bit. He also had four travel league basketball games. The team went 1-3 in the games, and Griffin was his usual pesky self. He did have several rebounds and jump balls, plus took a couple of nice shots that just didn't fall. The highlights for me were the drive to the basket/lay-up combination that resulted in his first basket, and the final minute of a game where Griffin was told to guard a kid who was a foot taller and 100 pounds heavier than him. Coach said he wanted to know what flavor of gum he was chewing (ala Hoosiers) and Griffin responded that he might not be able to see that high.

The high school varsity team lost both games, as we still are struggling with consistency and growing pains on both sides of the ball.

More action next week!

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