Saturday, September 15, 2018

Michael Cray #11 by Bryan Hill - Comic Book Review

From the publisher: What is the price for keeping death inside your mind? For Michael Cray, it could be the lives of anyone who cares about him...and his sanity. As Michael is drawn closer to the truth of the consciousness living inside him, the brutal desires of Diana Prince threaten the entire world. After this long night in London, Michael Cray will either face the power inside of him, or succumb to its will.

Michael Cray #11 is the penultimate issue, but Bryan Hill is still dropping background information. In this issue, we see Cray get a little information about the alien in his head, and they come to an agreement of sorts. But the main focus of the story is the background of Diana Prince, or Wonder Woman as she is known in the regular DC Universe. And it's a heck of a story.

No longer is Prince a demi-god, made from clay on Themiscyra, the home of the Amazons. Nope. Her dad is trying to bring the "old gods" back, and whether they are real or not doesn't really matter. He tasks his daughter with doing everything she can to make it happen. It's in this capacity that we see several familiar DC faces, including Lex Luthor. We also learn how Diana and Constantine meet and join forces. As the issue comes to a close, Diana Prince, John Constantine, and Michael Cray are on a collision course, with the fate of the earth in the balance.

At this point, it doesn't do any good to recommend Michael Cray #11. You are either on board or have checked out. But, the story is building to an explosive climax and I'm eager to see if Bryan Hill can stick the landing. Hang on for the ride, because issue #12 should be big.

I received a preview copy of this book from DC Comics in exchange for an honest review.

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