Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Doomsday Clock #7 by Geoff Johns - Comic Book Review

From the publisher: The critically acclaimed team of writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank continue the groundbreaking miniseries bringing the world of WATCHMEN to DC. In this chapter, the truth behind Dr. Manhattan’s curiosity with the DC Universe is revealed as the planet teeters on the edge of the Super-War.

Ah-ha! Doomsday Clock #7 by Geoff Johns pulls back the curtain a little bit, not a lot, but enough to reveal some things to the reader. There are a couple of focal points in this issue, which moves the story forward nicely.

First, we finally get some Dr. Manhattan information. At one point, we see him actively messing with DC continuity; however, he doesn’t explain why, yet. Second, Johnny Thunder and Saturn Girl meet up with Adrian Veidt and Rorschach. Finally, Mime and Marionette (with the Joker) get to spend some “quality time” with the Comedian. Eventually, all three threads intersect, which provides the most interesting part of the story. Veidt and Dr. Manhattan have a heart to heart, wherein we discover some of Veidt’s motivation and Dr. Manhattan’s present ideas.

I know that summary is rough, but there is so much going on, particularly with the dialogue, that a more detailed look would just be spoiling stuff. What I liked about this issue was Johns started to reveal more of the bigger picture, which is good because the series is past the halfway point. It’s time for the readers to be clued in on some of what is happening, or what happened in the past. Otherwise, the end will feel rushed and maybe a little hollow. And after all the buildup surrounding the mystery of “Who messed with the DC Universe” and the DC Rebirth event, a rushed or unsatisfying ending will feel cheap and empty. I want to come out of this series in awe at all the ends that are brought together to tell a fun and coherent story. Fortunately, based on my past experience with Geoff Johns stories, I’m trusting this to happen.

I still highly recommend Doomsday Clock #7, but this is not a good place to start. By now, you’ve either committed to the story or you’re waiting for it to conclude and be collected. I’m glad I’m getting it as it is released, but I wish I didn’t have to wait a month to discover what comes next.

I received a preview copy of this book from DC Comics in exchange for an honest review.

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