Sunday, September 23, 2018

This Week Was A Little Less Busy

Due to parent/teacher conferences, Cami's volleyball games were canceled. She is also on the off week for travel basketball.

Lexi is getting closer to full health and was supporting her fellow cheerleaders at the JV game this week.

Griffin was our busy guy. His football team lost 14-7, but aside from giving up one big play, we played pretty well. Griffin didn't have any tackles this week, but he did force a fumble and nearly had another interception. On offense, we didn't really throw so he kept up his steady blocking. Next week is our last regular season game. In basketball, he had two games, both of which the team lost. However, Griffin did a nice job. He had several good shots which just didn't fall. He had a nice steal that he took coast to coast on the right side and attempted to shoot right handed (like he'd been taught). He then got his own rebound and shot again (a foul should have been called). He was all over the place on defense, playing with a lot of heart and hustle. The fall tournament is next week.

On a positive note, the varsity football team evened our record by picking up a big win.

All three kids have school basketball tryouts coming soon, so stay tuned.

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