Sunday, January 15, 2017

Lots of Basketball

Lexi cheered at a game, and played her first game of the season. Her team won pretty easily and Lexi got to play a bunch. She was very excited. She got some rebounds, played defense, and also got a shot off. We were excited, too, because at this point in her career, playing time isn't guaranteed any longer. She continues to work hard and is showing improvement, according to her coaches. One of the big things is free throws, and she is getting better at that all the time. This week, she has two more basketball games, with to cheer games as well.

Griffin's rec league team won a thriller with two free throws with seconds left. He took several shots, including a three, played good "D", and hustled all over the place. They are still undefeated. In travel this week, Griffin's team lost both games in close contests. He keeps playing crazy defense and going after loose balls. He had some rebounds, and took several shots which rimmed out. He also got two free throws, both of which just missed. It was that kind of day for the whole team. My favorite part was when he played post on offense, though. One of the big guys is out, and so the team had several boys sub with the healthy post player. Griffin ran several plays as the "5", setting high screens. Its fun watching the littlest guy play the big guy position.

Cami had volleyball practice, and has her first tournament next Sunday.

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