Wednesday, January 18, 2017

TRINITY #5 by Francis Manapul - Book Review

From the publisher: “BETTER TOGETHER” part five! Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman must battle for their lives against their greatest foes in an arena of their own making! And the fight won’t be done until they confront each other in this deadly match. The mastermind behind this attack has revealed himself at last: Mongul is back!

Trinity #5, by Francis Manapul, finds Poison Ivy giving some background about the dream state the heroes are in. Meanwhile, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman confront Mongul, who reveals his plan and his need for the heroes. A mysterious child, who looks like Mongul, appears to have a purpose in Mongul's plan, as well.

While Trinity is still a beautifully drawn and colored book (which is also done by Manapul), this particular issue felt like it was spinning its wheels. Coming into this issue, I felt like the story would be coming to its climax and wrapping up, but this was one long "bad guy reveals his evil plan" story. I'm not sure it couldn't have been combined with an earlier issue to tighten up the story a bit.

Regardless, I still enjoyed Trinity #5 and would recommend it to fans of the Big Three heroes. I'd like to see how Francis Manapul pulls all the threads together and concludes the arc.

I received a preview copy of this book from DC Comics in exchange for an honest review.

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