Sunday, January 8, 2017

We're back at it

Griffin returned to the court this week. In rec league, his team won a tight game to remain undefeated. He got off several shots, but none of them dropped for him. He continues to be scrappy on the defensive end, getting a couple of steals, harrassing opposing players, getting a rebound or two, and tying up loose balls. His travel team won both of their games, in tight contests. Griffin did his usual, good defense, etc. He had a nice fast break, but none of his shots dropped for him, unfortunately.

Lexi got back into the cheerleading swing of things. She also has her first basketball game coming up this week.

Cami's team was crowned as league champions due to their undefeated record. The tournament was canceled due to bad weather before Christmas break, and there wasn't a time to reschedule. Additionally, she has decided she's like to try volleyball, so she is playing on a club team with her school. They practice on Sundays and have one tournament a month. This week was her first practice. She had a great time.

Busy week coming up.

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