Sunday, January 22, 2017

What a week!

Sometimes we have one of "those" weeks, when all the kids have multiple activities every night. This was one of "those" weeks. Coming off a weekend with basketball, cheer, and volleyball, we had 7 basketball games, 4 basketball practices, cheer practice, a cheer lock-in, and volleyball practice.

Lexi cheered two different nights, with some really exciting games. She also had two games this week. She only played a little during the first one, a loss, but played 3+ minutes in the second, a win. She is continuing to improve, playing good defense and becoming more confident with the ball on offense. No shots this week, but she did have an assist, rebound, and tied up a loose ball. She has one game (I think?) this week, plus more cheer.

Griffin's rec league team won again, to stay undefeated. He is a pest on defense, causing multiple turnovers, grabbing rebounds, and getting a steal or two. He had a few shots, several of which just barely rimmed out. His travel team regular season ended this week, with a win and a loss. Griffin's performance was more typical Griffin: hustle, solid D, scrapping for loose balls. There is an outside chance they will qualify for the end-of-season tournament, but it looks like they'll be playing in a separate tourney in February.

Because of a miscommunication, Cami's volleyball team was left off the tournament schedule this week, so she had practice instead. However, she may have two tournaments (definitely one) next week.

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